Pressure on China's leather industry is unprecedented

Since the new century, China's leather machinery has also entered a new round of rapid development of the golden age, with China's sustained and rapid economic development and rapid growth of exports, China's leather machinery industry has also been fully developed. On the one hand, to speed up the scientific and technological progress of China's leather machinery industry, in a good market situation, many companies invested heavily in research and development, launched a series of high-performance and high technological content of upgrading products, such as large face Vacuum drying machine, through the type of precision laminating machine and film machine, automatic stainless steel drum, blue wet leather electronic leather machine, patent leather curtain machine, roller coater, double knife roll squeeze water machine, leather dyeing machine, large Pressure ironing machine, leather moisture regulator, precision automatic control spray machine, in the large face and high precision has made great progress; the other hand, gave birth to a number of a certain size and strength of the leading system Leather machinery enterprises, such as Huzhou two light, Yangzhou Yang Bao, Xinji dragon, Nantou Si Rui, Jiangmen Tai Li, Zhaoqing Baolida, Changzhou popular and so on. But also led to the development of a large number of small leather machinery enterprises, formed in Jiangsu Nantong Rugao and Changzhou, Zhejiang Huzhou and Changxing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong Nanhai, Hebei Xinji, Liaoning Shenyang and Dalian, Shandong Qingdao and several major tannery Machinery enterprises are relatively concentrated tannery machinery production base. However, in 2008, a variety of contradictions concentrated outbreak, the rapid development of China's leather industry, the momentum of the rapid brakes, many companies face this situation is not suited to the whole industry into an unprecedented state of tightening, the pressure surge.

Market mutation is difficult to deal with In fact, China's tanning machinery industry this time into a low tide, as early as 2 years ago has been a sign. In 2006, the state introduced a series of new policies for the leather industry, involving processing trade, billing margin changed from idle to real estate and environmental protection of the high pressure situation, was once the industry known as the leather New Deal, and was understood For the country began to limit the development of China's leather industry. At that time, the government gave a two-year transition period, to 2008 just expired, which the expansion of China's leather industry has formed a clear obstacle. At the same time, in 2007 by the US subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the Wall Street financial tsunami, quickly evolved into a global economic crisis, and finally spread to China in 2008, especially in the second half of 2008, almost all industries have felt this The impact of the crisis. A large number of export orders were canceled, exports fell sharply, which exports to the Chinese leather industry has brought a heavy blow. The storm came so violent, so fast, so that companies caught by surprise. Especially in September last year, after the Shanghai Leather Fair, the situation plummeted, which to prepare some of the backbone of the backbone of a big business.


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